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Join us at our 2020 Virtual Convention.
Join us at the 2020 virtual convention.

How Psychologists Can Improve Access to Safe and Effective Psychotropic Medication

Support for prescriptive authority has been the official policy of the American Psychological Association for the past 20 years. Based on positive feedback from Washington State Psychological Association members and psychologists throughout the State (see related news article), WSPA's Legislative Action Committee has an RxP subcommittee with the goal of pursuing legislation that would create a prescription certificate for psychologists with advanced training in psychotropic medication management. This certificate would be an extra credential for psychologists who have met national training standards enabling them to prescribe medications for mental disorders. This would be a voluntary, supplemental credential with its own set of standards and requirements, and would not affect the general scope of practice of psychology.

WSPAs RxP subcommittee has written a bill modeled on guidelines from APA, identified a bill sponsor, has hired a lobbyist to assist in this process, and is actively fundraising to support these efforts. Once the proposed bill is introduced in the appropriate legislative committee it will undergo a thorough review process.

For more information, please visit the RxP page on our website.

What You Can Do to Support This Effort 
WSPA has created a specific fund for RxP to help us increase access to safe and effective behavioral health medication management for our consumers. We encourage you to support RxP efforts in Washington by making a donation by clicking on the button below. Contributions of $25, $50, $100 or more are being gratefully accepted.

If you have any questions about RxP efforts in Washington please contact Dr. David Shearer, Chair, WSPA RxP Taskforce at

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