Early Career Psychologists (ECP)

ECPs are psychologists within the first seven years of receiving of their doctorate degrees. Like many young professionals, ECPs face more stressors today than in any time in the past. From exorbitant educational debt and disappointing starting salaries (given the time and requirements of training), to family and romantic relationships, personal and career goals, and professional interests

Despite these career challenges, ECPs will define the next zeitgeist of psychology with their positive power to "get connected amongst themselves, to promote proactive career planning, and to enhance their opportunities and marketability.

WSPAs ECP Committee and ECP events are the perfect way for ECPs to boost their personal and professional competence, sense of professional identity, and career successes.

If you are a WSPA member, get involved on a committee or in a leadership position if you have interest in setting the course of the association. If you are not a WSPA member, we invite you to join at a level that works with your finances.

You can view the ECP Committee forum here. You must be logged in to view this page