2021 - WSPA Annual Meeting and Awards

Join us at our additional 2021 Virtual Convention events.
Join us at the 2021 virtual convention additional events.

WSPA Annual Meeting

All WSPA members are considered stakeholders of the association and are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting. This meeting will give attendees an overview of the association leadership, goals, committees, initiatives, membership growth or decline, and positive or negative financial picture. 

The Annual Stakeholder's meeting will be virtual on Friday, December 3rd and will start promptly at 4:00 pm via Zoom and is expected to last 45 minutes including time for Q & A. The meeting will precede the Annual Washington Psychologists Awards which is expected to end at 5:30 pm.

No registration is needed to attend. Click on the Join Meeting button below to enter the meeting. 

Note this button will not be live until 3:45 PM the day of the meeting.

Standard video conferencing decorum will apply. WSPA reserves the right to remove any disruptive attendees from the meeting. 

Washington Psychologist Awards

Washington State Psychological Association recognizes individuals and organizations who have contributed meaningfully to the mission of WSPA, which is to support, promote and advance the science, education and practice of psychology in the public interest.

The WSPA Board of Trustees solicits nominations from the membership, evaluates and votes on the nominations.

The awards will presented to the winners Friday, December 3rd following the Annual Meeting.

When you click the "Attend Awards" link, you will be placed into a virtual waiting room until the Annual Meeting is over.

Nominations are now closed.

2020 Awardees:

Distinguished Psychologist Award

Tona McGuire, Ph.D. and Kira Mauseth, Ph.D.

Distinguished Service Award

Debbie Shapiro, Psy.D.

Social Issues Award

Trevor Covington, M.S., C.E.M.

Legislative Service Award

Sen. Randi Becker, WA 2nd LD

Presidential Service Award

Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award

Sharon Young, Psy.D.

Distinguished Psychologist Award: Given in recognition of significant contributions to the field of psychology. This award recognizes outstanding professional contributions to knowledge, to applied psychology in professional practice, or in the public interest, while a resident of Washington State.

Distinguished Service Award: Given in recognition of outstanding work in support of WSPAs mission through some outstanding contribution.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award: Given in recognition of an individual members outstanding and tireless contributions to the Washington State Psychological Association.

Sustained Service Award: Given in recognition of life-long service to WSPA and the field of psychology. This award recognizes a psychologist who has given sustained service to the association in a manner that has significantly benefited the organization and or facilitated its development.

Social Issues Award: Given in recognition of outstanding work to advance the mental health of the community and to apply psychology in the public interest.

Public Citizen Award: Honors a public citizen or an organization that has contributed to the psychological health of their community.

Legislative Service Award: Honors a Washington State elected official who has contributed to the psychological health of their community.

Presidential Service Award: Given to the out-going President of the Board, in recognition of the service rendered.