Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee's mission is to serve as a consultation resource to members on specific questions of ethics, and to plan and implement educational opportunities on ethics for members. The committee is a resource for thoughtful decision making and to help members think through ethical issues.

Consultation Line Process 

This is what to expect if you call any of the consultants on the Consultation Line: 

  • Collegiality We will clarify that our consultation is peer-level and collegial and not intended to be a legal, medical, or clinical opinion. Rather, we hope to provide an opportunity for you to explore your situation within an ethical dilemma methodology. We will offer references and resources to you and encourage you to seek consultation from others as well, including ethical, legal, and clinical sources if that seems indicated.
  • Call Documentation We will log your call with a call log number and some very basic demographic information such as your gender and whether you are a WSPA member. Your name is not included. We will provide you with that call log number, and we encourage you to use it in your own documentation of your call. We will write a brief description of the issue or situation that is the focus of your call, ethical and legal issues raised by your situation, and authoritative sources we used in our discussion with you.
  • Confidentiality We do not ask your name and we take every precaution to protect your confidentiality. However, if we know your identity and if you disclose potentially unethical behavior, the consultants are mandated by Washington Law to report abuse of a minor or disabled adult, unprofessional conduct, etc., to the Board of Psychology. Our records can be subpoenaed, but the log will include no identifying information other than a call log number. To see the form we use for the call log click here. To view our complete Procedures Manual, click here.

If you are looking for information on how to access the call line*, click here

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*Please note: Given that email is not a secure platform and that ethical discussions tend to be complex in nature, we ask that you only use email communication for the purposes of scheduling a phone consultation appointment with a WSPA Ethics Consultation Line member. We do not provide consultation over email. Thank you!