WSPA Statements on Public Issues

WSPA releases public statements about current issues and events when the Board agrees an official stance should be taken. Check back for new statements.

In February 2022, Governor Abott of Texas issued a directive to all mandated reporters, including psychologists, to report the parents of transgender minors who receive gender affirming care to Child Protective Services. Governor Abbot utilizes a dangerously erroneous framework which claims that gender affirming care is abusive and that parents should be held accountable. APA recently released a statement condemning this directive. In sharp contrast to Governor Abbott‘s assertions, extensive data show the benefits of gender affirming care for both suicide prevention as well as increasing general mental wellness in trans youth. WSPA stands in solidarity with APA in support of transgender communities and their families in Texas as well as in the wider nation. We uphold the empirical data on this issue, and our ethical imperative to offer gender-affirming care.

We would also like to present this as a call to action. While we might not currently have identical legal challenges in Washington state, the anti-trans movement is active.  Anti-trans activists in Seattle are using the same provider and clinic intimidation tactics used by anti-abortion activists nationwide. Now is the time to increase awareness of our privilege, address our biases, work towards becoming trans-affirming providers, and offer support to our colleagues who are targeted due to their engagement in serving gender diverse youth.

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