WSPA Statements on Public Issues

WSPA releases public statements about current issues and events when the Board agrees an official stance should be taken. Check back for new statements.

WSPA‘s Good Trouble Committee would like to acknowledge that May is dedicated to celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritage. We want to draw attention to and appreciate the richness that people in these communities have brought to the United States and their positive impact on science, art, commerce, and government. For example, Asian immigrants toiled to build this country, and their immigration histories are complex and multifaceted. We honor and appreciate this far-from-monolithic diverse group, and acknowledge that at times, attempts to highlight diversity erase instead of celebrate it: Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities have similarities with and also important differences from Asian communities. The AAPI acronym may obscure these important variations in culture and lived experiences, and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders have advocated for accurate representation of their unique identities.

WSPA reiterates its condemnation of increasing hate and violence towards Asians, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders and strives as an organization to seek opportunities to support these communities.

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